Arriva un Fix per Depth


E’ stato rilasciato un Fix per gioco Depth, il quale corregge alcuni BUG riscontrati.
Di seguito il Changelog:


  • DPV acceleration rate boost dropped to 700 from 800


  • Fixed progression issue where Dual P-11 Pistols appeared to unlock multiple times


  • Collision fixes to all maps
  • Treasure on all maps fixed to always be able to be picked up
  • Decoration and art updates to all maps
  • Removed dolphins from Antiguo and Cove
  • Fixed breakables that caused chunks of stone to rain through ceilings in Olmec
  • Added blocking volumes around safes in Antiguo to stop players getting stuck


  • Breakable highlight colors now indicate how many hits to smash them


  • AFK lobby leaders’ lobbies will stop advertising as public after 120s
  • Checks added for fixing two-lobbies situations
  • AFK players will be dropped to the Main Menu (and replaced with a bot) after 60s
  • Number One achievement now just requires you to be ranked, rather than the best in the world
  • Leaderboard rank up message was showing too often
  • Secret achievement changed…


  • Players no long get kicked back to the main menu if a player fails to join. Instead a bot replaces them
  • Fixed divers being able to dash while in the cage
  • A couple of crash issues fixed
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